What Is Grain In Food Storage

What is grain

What Is Grain and What Counts Toward Grain in Food Storage?

Grains are the largest food group to store in your pantry.  This is the one that seems overwhelming to so many, and they just do know where to begin.  Don’t let the amount of grain stop you from packing your pantry shelves.

Before we list what is grain, let’s break this down and make it as simple as possible.  Here is a chart showing how much grain to store per adult living in your house.  ***An adult, for these purposes, is any person that eats of the regular menu at a restaurant.  If you have kids that still order off the kid menu, they count as ½ an adult.








So What Is Grain?



Bread                                                  Breakfast Cereal                       Granola Bars

Wheat                                                 Oatmeal                                     Flour

Corn Chips                                          Pasta                                          Bagels

Tortillas                                               White Rice                                Most Crackers

Brown Rice                                         Pita Chips                                  Bulgur

Grits                                                    Energy Bars                               Rye

Bran                                                     Corn                                           Corn Flour

Corn Meal                                            Orzo                                          Graham Flour


There are others items that count as grain as well, but that’s a pretty good size list.  Most breakfast cereal is about 1-2 lbs, a loaf of bread is about 1 pound, a #10 can of wheat is about 7 lbs.  It all adds up.  If you buy dehydrated or freeze-dried foods, count the weight when the food is re-hydrated. Grab a variety and give yourself credit for the things that you may already have.  You don’t need to just stack up cans of wheat to meet this need.  In fact, it is healthier to have a variety of grain in your diet.

Now that you know what is grain, each time you go to the store buy a few extras, or buy it all it once.  Use the chart as a base to begin with, but customize it based on your family.  Don’t let grain knock you off your path.  Take it a week, or a month, at a time and you will be able to pack your shelves in no time.






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