What Chicken Breeds Should I Buy

Choosing the Right Chicken Breeds



Chicken Breeds

Seabright Chick

Choosing the right chicken can be overwhelming.  So many chicken breeds, so many choices.  Click this link below to see a chart that breaks down many different breeds of chickens.


    link to an awesome chart  ——> What Chicken Breed Is Best


Some chickens are great pets and therefore great with kids. While others are better at finding their own food and are great as free range chickens.

I have young kids that help me take care of the brood so I chose Americana chickens.  They are a quieter type, that make great pets.  They lay a greenish blue egg every other day which is really fun.  When they are chicks they look like chipmunks with a brown stripe down their back.

I also have a few Rhode Island Reds.  They usually lay 1 brown egg everyday.  They are a bit bigger than the Americana’s but they are still great around the kids. When they are chicks they are little yellow and fluffy.



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