Planting seeds in egg shells

We Are Planting Seeds In Egg Shells

We Are Planting Seeds In Egg Shells


I’ve seen the idea for a few years now and I thought we should try it.  We put egg shells in compost, mix compost in the soil, so why not just plant the seeds in the shells to begin with? When I proposed the idea to the farm store worker guy, he agreed that it should work.  We’ll see…

Follow our harvest, or what could be a Pinterest Fail!  I’ll keep the post updated as any progress happens.  


Day 1 –  Planting the Seeds in Egg Shells

Planting seeds in egg shells

March 19 – We planted our seeds.  It’s mid March, and we’re in Zone 7a, so it’s time to start planting carrots, peas and broccoli.  Click here to find what you should be planting.  I gently tapped around the top of the eggs with a butter knife and emptied the eggs.  I also tapped a small hole in the bottom of the shells to let any extra water drain out.  The seeds have been planted, eggs have been labeled and watered.  Crossing our fingers for sprouts in the next 7-10 days or so…


Day 4 – Sprout!!!



March 22 – It’s day 4 and we woke up to a little pea sprout poking up just out of the soil.  So far it’s the only one of the 12 seeds we planted in egg shells.  I guess he’s just an early bloomer.  I’ve got them in a pot on the dresser of my little boys’ room.  He has big south facing windows and the last few days it’s been really sunny and bright in his room…today it snowed.  I think the warmth has help germinate the seeds a little quicker than if i had them outside or even in a greenhouse.  


Day 6 – Sprout Moved Out


March 24 – I walked in my baby’s room this morning, and thought that my poor baby had a messy diaper.  Nope, clean.  But it still smelled like the color brown.  It turns out that when you keep egg shells wet, with potting soil inside they do what egg shells do in compost.  They begin to rot.  Sprout, and all his seeds in egg shell friends are STINKY!!!  They found a new home in the great outdoors with fresh sunshine, and Rooster crowing to keep him company.  Long story short, if your going to be planting seeds in egg shells, keep them outside.  I think they’d be happier anyway.


Day 10 – Sprout Has A Friend


2 pea sprouts, 2 broccoli sprouts

March 28 – It’s been 10 days since we planted seeds in egg shells.  So far, they’ve sprouted, they stink, and they’ve found a new home outside. Over night we had a few more sprouts pop up out of their egg shell incubators.  We have 2 pea sprouts, and 2 tiny broccoli sprouts.  It’s been cold and overcast here during this past week so I think that’s slowed down a few of the seeds, but I’m pretty happy with these new green sprouts.  Here’s hoping for a few more during the week!  

Our first pea sprout on day 10

Our first pea sprout on day 10


Day 22 – Sprouts Everywhere!!!


Day 22 – Sprouts in all but one eggshell. All are very happy.

April 9 – We went on vacation and came home to sprouts in all but one egg shell!  I’m beginning to think that the one seed may have been washed out in a bit of over watering.  The first pea sprout is about 5 – 6 inches tall.  Most are ready to go in a permanent planting bed.  We’ve got broccoli, carrots and peas.  All of them are looking healthy and strong.  Planting seeds in eggshells is a success!

Day 22 - Planting seeds in egg shells

Day 22 – Planting seeds in egg shells


Day 100 – I thought I ordered the LARGE Broccoli!

It’s been about 8 weeks since I planted the little sprouts in the garden boxes.  They are growing so fast!  I’ve noticed that the seeds we planted in eggs shells are a lot bigger and stronger than the seeds we planted in the boxes alone.  I used the same compost soil in both areas, so I can only assume the difference is the extra nutrients from the shells.  Next year, I’m planting more seeds in egg shells.



We’re planting Seeds in Egg Shells Day 100 – Closest carrots are planted in egg shells, further away were started in the box


We’re planting seeds in egg shells – Broccoli about 9 inches tall on day 100


We’re planting seeds in egg shells Day 100 – Peas are blossoming



Stay tuned for our next update on Planting Seeds In Egg Shells…



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