Water Storage Minimum Needs

Water Storage Basic Needs

Water Storage

You need store enough water to last each person in your house for 2 weeks.  According to the American Red Cross that means storing at least 1 gallon per person, per day.  If possible, and if space permits, I’d suggest doubling these minimums.

Your water heater can count towards your total, if you can keep it from being compromised.  Simply turning the valve off would do the trick.

Here is a quick reference chart:

Water Chart


Water bottles are ok for storage, but they deteriorate quickly.  A better, more long-term solution is to purchase a 55 gallon food grade barrel.  Most run about $50 and will keep water protected and fresh for years. Check out this link to learn more about How To Store Water.

Beyond your 2 week supply, it is best to have water filtration systems, or tablets.  You can buy these items at an emergency supply store, outdoor camping supply retailer, or online on our site.  Follow these guidelines for the minimum water storage needs.




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