The Perfect Gift

Buying gifts is a great way to show someone you love just how much you care. What if, for one year, you nailed it? What if you found the perfect gift for every gift giving occasion that not only got the right reaction, but it actually was used and loved?

For one year decide that instead of buying for the sake of buying, you buy gifts that will build food storage, build 72 kits, build water supplies? You’ll be amazed how much you can do with the money that was earmarked for gifts. No, they may not be the most romantic gifts, but the message is that if your world goes south, you want the person you love to be taken care of.

Here are some of my favorite gift ideas:

72 hour kit – Pre-made, or put together by you. Do it yourself to personalize it. Include not only practical things like flash light, food, water bottle and filter, but made something to make a rough time more enjoyable like lavender oils, or you kids favorite coloring book.

100 hour candles – What is more romantic than candles?

Anything Goal  If you have a tech savvy guy on your list, Goal Zero is your one stop shop. They specialize in anything solar powered. Lanterns with a hand crank, solar packs that fit on a back pack and charge your phone. Solar packs that recharge batteries. Or, even solar generators that could run your refrigerator in a power outage. They have really fun gifts.

50 gallon water drum – Instead of spending $50 on flowers this year, spend that money on a water drum that will give life and security.

Wheat grinder – I know super romantic huh? Well if you’re going to spend money on #10 cans of wheat, you need some way to use it. Nothing tastes better than honey whole wheat bread with fresh ground flour. You can also buy a grinder that can grind rice, beans and other grains into flour.

Cook books – Cook books are my favorite gift. I love  They are easy recipes that the kids love 9 times out of 10.

Space Blanket – If you really need to buy something that sparkles, buy a space blanket.

Do this for one year and you will be surprised just how much you are able to pack away. If you’re going to buy a gift, buy a practical gift. Next year you can get back to flowers, chocolates and everything fru fra.

Happy Gift Giving!!!

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