Step 2 – The 3 to 6 Month Plan

Step 2

In the Step 1 post we talked about making a 30 day meal plan. Whether you are a planner, or someone that writes it down as you eat it. It helps to keep track. We’ll use the information you keep track of in our 12 month plan so hang onto those receipts or meal plans for later…

As you make your meal plans you will find that some meals turn into left overs, or as we call it in our house, ‘the rest of the best’. When I have extra food, I save some in the fridge for lunch the next day or two. If it sits longer than that, it usually won’t get eaten and I hate wasting food. So here is what you do with the extra food. Freeze it! One of my favorite things to do is double a recipe, especially soup. Even something like spaghetti sauce or gravy’s freeze well too. When I cook meat, I cook double the amount needed then I dice up the extra and freeze it so it’s ready to use later. I have Ziplocs of pre-cooked chicken, ground beef, sausage, bacon in my freezer right now. I’m more likely to cook at home if I can make it easy for myself. If you have a vacuum pack for freezers, that’s great, but not necessary.

By storing extra food and sauces in the freezer, they will last longer and you are stocking away extra meals, or ingredients for meals. Whether you realize it or not, you are beginning to create 3-6 month food storage.


Now, remember that 30 day meal plan we’re still working on? Well, keeps it going! If you keep shopping for 30 meals, you will stock away extra food too. It’s the snowball effect. If I buy ingredients for 30 meals, but froze enough for 5 more, I really bought 35 meals.

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See what you’re doing? You’re building up your food storage.

Some food you buy is perishable and won’t freeze or save. Eat those meals first so as not to waste food, but things like dry pasta, rice, canned beans or canned goods save well. Usually dry food and canned goods will be good for 1 year from when you buy them. Watch those expiration dates and be sure to eat what you buy.

You’re building great habits and it will all come in handy for our next step: 1 year food storage

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