Smith's Case Lot Sale

Smith’s Case Lot Sale 2016

Smith’s Case Lot Sale 2016 

This week marks the beginning of the Smith’s/ Kroger brand Case Lot Sale!!!  

I’ve compared a few other case lot sales and prices, and thought I should add what I could for the Smith’s case lot sale as well.  

This is how I compared the sales:

  • If I could not find a comparable item, I left it off the chart
  • I had to break down peanut butter per oz because each store had different size jars
  • Macey’s and Smith’s prices are case lot prices, compared to club store and Walmart everyday prices


Click HERE—-> for a comparison chart between Maceys vs Sam’s vs Walmart vs Smith’s


Some stores advertised more products than others, but there were amazing deals at each store.  Take these types of sales as a great opportunity to pack the pantry shelves, and become a but more self sufficient.


Happy Shopping!!! fruits-1187642-1920x1440








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