How to Store Water


Is the pool safe to drink?

Here are a few common Questions and Answers about storing water:

Q – Do I need to treat water before storing it?

A – No.  If the water is safe to drink from the tap or hose, it is safe to store as is. Rotate every few years to keep the water fresh.


Q – Can I store Water Barrels directly on cement?

A – Yes. If the barrel is stored in a temperature controlled space.  Places like the basement have a fairly consistent temperature, therefore there is no problem placing them directly on the floor.  If you store barrels outdoors or in a garage where cement heats up, you need to place them on a low platform.


Q – I have soda and juice, does that count toward water storage?

A – No. The added sugars and chemicals will effect the water and the way your body processes that liquid.  Also remember that you are storing water for cleaning, cooking, and hygiene so unless you want to make pasta with grape gatorade, you may want to store fresh water.


Q – I don’t drink 1 gallon of water a day, do I really need that much?

A – Yes. 1 gallon a day is a minimum.  To be healthy, a person should drink half their weight in oz each day.  For a 180 lb person that means 90 oz per day. I gallon is 128 oz.  That only leaves 38 oz, or about 3 glasses of water, for cooking, cleaning, washing hands, flushing toilets, etc.  Ideally, store at least 2 gallons per person per day.  You can also check with your local water company and find out what you actually use each month.


Q – I have iodine tablets, so I don’t need to store water.

A – False.  Unless you have unlimited access to a water supply, you should store actual water. Even if you have a stream running through your property it’s better to be safe than sorry.  You don’t know when the water supply could be obstructed.


Q – I have a swimming pool.  Do I need more water?

A – Yes.  There’s a reason they make the sign, “There’s no P in our OOL” It’s because kids pee in pools (some grown-ups do too). Pool water is ok for cleaning or laundry, but its best to store clean water. Plan to boil if you plan to use the pool water for cooking or drinking.

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