Hot Chocolate – The Great Food Storage Motivator

I’m often asked why create food storage.  The answer for me is simple.  It’s because I don’t know what life will bring, but I know it will bring something.  Sometimes having food storage is about surviving, and sometimes it’s about thriving.

This past summer, our beautiful little 4 yr old girl was diagnosed with a grapefruit size ovarian tumor.  From the time she didn’t start feeling well, to our first doctor’s appointment was about 1 month.  If her baby brother wasn’t on my hip, she was attached to it.  That made fixing dinners really tricky so I made meals that I could cook once and eat twice.  I would make a double or triple batch of chicken noodle soup, black bean soup, chowder.  We’d eat once, then I’d freeze the extra in one meal portions for later.

After her first appointment, thing began to move quickly.  We found the tumor on a Friday with an ultrasound, the MRI and consult with the surgeon was Monday, and the tumor came out on Thursday.  As a mom, my mind was split between the 3 kids and dad at home and my little girl in the hospital.  Never once did I worry about swinging by the store on the way home.  I had my 30 day calendar on the pantry wall, and I knew there were yummy, home cooked meals stocked away for my family.

After surgery the hardest thing for my daughter to do was to get up and walk.  If you’ve ever had a c-section or appendectomy, you know the pain of that first walk.  We had to come up with incentives.  The ponies from the play room helped, but didn’t really work.  Then one morning, the courtesy cart came to our floor and parked not so far away from her room.  I walked down and asked if she has hot chocolate.  “Yes”, she said. “I’ll be right back”.  I went to my daughter’s room and told her if she could walk to the cart, she could get a really big cup of hot chocolate.  I gently carried her out of her room, past the nurses and gently put her little stocking feet on the floor.  There she could see it, the hot chocolate cart.  She held her tiny belly and scrunched over like a little old woman tip toed to the cart.  Her doctor, who was a spitting image of Kristin Chenoweth, came around the corner and expecting her to burst into song, which she did not,  she exclaimed, “Good Job. Keep Going!!  My little curly haired pixie made it slowly to her destination and got to her hot chocolate.


Even now, when I wake up my now healthy 5 yr old, her first words are, “Will you make me hot chocolate?”  Yes, I will always make you hot chocolate.  And yes, I buy hot chocolate powder in bulk because it isn’t about surviving, it’s about thriving.

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