Before life started happening, I mean really started moving, my husband and I worked.  We worked full time jobs in corporate America and didn’t give much thought to how we would come up with our next meal.  When we thought about what we wanted for dinner, we were really thinking about where we wanted to go for dinner, not what did we want to prepare.

Well that all changed one evening in August when we went from a cute little couple, to a family of 4.  Yep, twins!


All of the sudden, a quick run to the store for milk was hard and those calm nights eating out, gazing at each other over steak and potatoes were a distant memory.  We had to change how we shopped, how we planned, how we ate.

Those two, cute, bundles of love gave life to our pantry.  We began to pack the shelves, and plan for their future, no our future.  Since then, we’ve added two more kiddos to the bunch – no, not twins – so now as a family of 6 we tackle keeping food on our shelves, chickens in the backyard, and laughter in our home.

Join us on our journey to Pack The Pantry.